Vacation Manager for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 6.3.0 - 6.10.17 and more
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Our app reduces time-waste in development by allowing users to go on vacation and delegate their code review responsibilities

Vacation Dashboard

Vacation Dashboard lists users who have chosen you as their replacement and pull requests which are currently assigned to them.

Vacation Dropdown

Vacation Dropdown opens by clicking on a palm tree icon in the header section of Bitbucket. This functionality gives a quick overview of pull requests assigned to users whom you replace.

Vacation Settings

Vacation Settings lets users configure their vacation settings: set themselves on vacation, restrict others from adding them as a pull request reviewer, leave a status message and add or remove replacements.

More details

  • We created Vacation Manager for Bitbucket Server so that developers can enjoy their vacation by forgetting every pull request they have to review.
  • Vacation Manager lets Bitbucket users set themselves as “on vacation”. Vacationing users’ avatars are decorated with a palm tree icon throughout Bitbucket to let others know about their vacation.
  • Users can also choose replacements who can see vacationers’ pull requests they should review by clicking on a palm tree icon in the header section of Bitbucket.
  • Users can add a status message about their vacation and to set themselves on a restricted vacation which makes it impossible to assign pull requests to them.
  • If a vacationer is chosen as a reviewer while creating or editing pull requests then an informative message is shown with his/her status message, restricted vacation mode and replacements.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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When a vacationer is chosen as a reviewer then a popup is shown on the right with info regarding replacements, status message and restrictions.