Security for Bitbucket: Enhanced Secret Scanner by Soteri

by Soteri
for Bitbucket Server 7.4.0 - 8.10.1, Bitbucket Data Center 7.4.0 - 8.10.1 and more
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Detect sensitive data such as API keys and passwords with this powerful Bitbucket security scanner. Run audits & protect PII

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Run Security Scans on Already-Committed Code

Run scans of already-committed content. Export results as downloadable reports, or drill down from the global status all the way to an individual branch via our interactive Security Scan Report.

Detect & Block Commits That Contain Sensitive Info

Accidentally committed secrets such as credentials, API keys, SSH keys, and passwords are a common vector for privilege escalation by attackers. Protect your organization by scanning and rejecting such commits.

Top Firms Use This Bitbucket Vulnerability Scanner

Private keys hiding in source code have damaged big firms. That's why top companies are proactively scanning their Bitbucket repositories for security vulnerabilities. Join these companies in taking a proactive approach.

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Use Bitbucket secret scanning to detect and block commits containing sensitive information such as passwords, API keys, and other secrets. Protect your company from this common error that can be exploited by attackers!

✨ Feature highlights ✨

  • Pre-receive hook to reject new commits with secrets
    • Enabled per repository, per project, or globally
    • Warn-only mode can notify about security issues without blocking commits
  • Git repository scanning to analyze existing code
    • Trigger scans for a git repository, a project, or the whole Bitbucket instance
  • Downloadable reports of scan findings
  • Flexible workflows for false positives
  • REST API for scripting and automation
  • Built-in rules for many common leaked secrets, such as ssh keys and API keys
  • Define your own custom secret scanning rules, globally or per-repository
  • And much more! See our docs

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For Bitbucket 6, use v3.19.2

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Trigger scans on bulk from the global dashboard.