Tableau Connector for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.2.0 - 9.17.0, Jira Data Center 8.2.0 - 9.17.0 and more
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No-code Tableau Jira integration. Connect Jira to Tableau and build any Jira reports and Jira Tableau dashboards easily

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Seamless Tableau Jira Integration

Connect Jira to Tableau to export Jira data without coding and build any custom Jira reports in Tableau. Schedule refreshes for real-time Jira Tableau dashboards and share them with non-Jira users.

Unlimited Tableau Jira Reporting Experience

Build custom Jira reports in Tableau based on any Jira data including custom fields and add-ons. Use advanced or JQL filters to specify data export. Dive deep into Jira data with interactive Jira Tableau dashboards.

Confirmed Jira Data Security

Control your Jira data ownership. Use sharing and permissions settings to manage Jira data access and export. Be sure that availability of sensitive Jira data is based on Jira user roles and permissions defined by you.

More details

Tableau Connector for Jira is an Enterprise Grade app enabling Tableau Jira no-code integration in 3 steps:

1. Create a data source

2. Copy data source URL

3. Export data from Jira to Tableau.

Key Features:

  • Various Filtering Options, including Basic filters, JQL and advanced filters for Jira Software
  • Export any Jira fields including Custom fields, History, Agile
  • Data Export from Tempo Timesheets and Cost Tracker, Xray, Time in Status, Time to SLA and many other Leading Marketplace Apps
  • Complex reporting in Tableau for Jira+CRM/SAP/ITSM etc, data visualization in Tableau
  • Permission and Sharing settings for secured Jira data sharing and access management
  • Scheduled refreshes for actual Jira Tableau dashboards
  • Update and share your Tableau Jira dashboards with non-Jira users
  • Qualified tech support, helpful User Guide

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This app offers additional security, reliability, and support through:

  • Cloud security participation
  • Reliability checks
  • 24hr support response time
  • and more.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

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Integration Details

Tableau Connector for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • View email addresses of users
  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Read data from the host application


Jira Admin can grant a permission to certain Jira users and groups to work with Tableau Connector for Jira