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    Your simple site building tool for Jira and Confluence. Easy to use, no coding needed

    Your simple site building tool for Jira and Confluence. Easy to use, no coding needed

    Your simple site building tool for Jira and Confluence. Easy to use, no coding needed

    Build themed sites with Confluence content

    Organize Confluence content into pages and sites

    Quick access to Confluence and Jira content

    Create your organizations branded, and customizable sites as the front door to Atlassian tools. Engage users by welcoming them to clean, themed and informative sites, be it documentation, project collaboration or both.

    Improve the navigation and structure of Confluence by grouping spaces into landing pages and sites. The page homes sit in a top navigation menu for quick access while sites are accessible via your organizations domain.

    Populate your Refined sites with content from Confluence and Jira. Add a custom domain for each site. Use the site builder and layout editor to easily create quick navigation to useful Confluence and Jira content.

    More details

    Use Refined to create your branded site or sites populated with Confluence content. Customize each site by adding a custom domain, themes, layouts, Confluence content and quick links to helpful content.

    • Easily theme each site with the inbuilt theme editor. Add content to each page with the inbuilt layout editor.
    • Organize Confluence spaces into page homes using the site builder. If you also have Refined for Jira Cloud you can add Jira and JSD content to page homes, directly accessible from the dropdown navigation menu.
    • Navigate to useful content from a dropdown menu.
    • Build up your pages using the layout editor to display your content.
    • Add a custom domain to each site (subject to the domain your organization owns).
    • Create as many sites as you wish. E.g., A documentation site, a knowledge base site and/or an intranet site.

    Confluence pages are rendered in the Refined Cloud, not all macros and markups are supported. We are continuously improving the support for macros.


    Demo site

    Reviews for cloud

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    by mercedes_rockwell on 2020-07-17
    Refined allows you to turn clunky ugly Confluence into something absolutely beautiful that feels highly modern and very professional, and most importantly, something I am proud to share with clients. It doesn't always work perfectly (like all things in life), but the Refined Support team is one of the best that I have ever come across. They are quick to update, fix, troubleshoot, etc. For most companies, it feels like suggestions/requests for improvement fall on deaf ears. However, the whole Refined team takes suggestions and criticism well and is continuously striving to put out a better product.
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    Hi Mercedes,

    Thank you for your kind review! We're always looking to improve our products in every way we can, and it's incredibly useful to have great feedback and suggestions regarding the same coming from customers such as yourself. So, please keep it coming!

    Best regards, Team Refined

    by Alex Fox on 2020-01-20
    *Updated review* Good plugin, offers a much better navigational experience than default Cloud, especially if using as a customer knowledge base. Some niggles, particularly the lack of support for other plugins with custom render macros such as ConfiForms. This severely limits the use of this plugin but I hope to see support for other plugins soon.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
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    A bit delayed with this:

    Thanks for the kind words, Alex! We're continually working towards adding support for the most commonly-used macros, it is more difficult with third party macros of course. You're always welcome to reach out to us via support.refined.com with any feedback/questions, whenever you might have some!

    Best regards, Raj Sehmi

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    Confluence Cloud Released 2020-09-10


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Refined for Confluence Cloud.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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