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Track and forecast your employees' utilization and projects' profitability in real-time. Calculated straight from Jira worklogs

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Full Visibility Into Utilization and Profitability

No more reports glued from different tools that take hours to prepare. Your utilization and profitability reports are calculated automatically in real-time based on work logs (from Jira/Tempo), capacity, costs, and rates

Forecast Availability, Allocations, and Finances

See your employees' long-term availability to prepare high-level allocation and project plans, identify roadblocks, and see what resources you need to meet financial goals.


Compare Planned Capacity and Revenue to Reality

See the sources of your biggest profits and the factors that generate the most costs with budget tracking. Compare estimates to real costs with cost management reports, track portfolio and project profitability.


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Primetric is a single source of truth for professional services companies, where you can easily see if your employees’ capacity is utilized efficiently and how work distribution affects your profitability.With automated worklogs and employee capacity data, you will check if your employees’ time is properly utilized and for what kind of work.With employee costs and timesheets, you will know how much this time costs you and how much you should bill your clients.With client rates, overhead costs, salaries, and income tracking, you will see how much of that money actually turns into profit.With long-term project and people assignments, you will gain full visibility into your employees’ availability and forecast how your utilization and profitability will look months ahead.With third-party integrations, ready-to-use reports, and features tailored for settlement and project models used by software development companies, all of this data will always be easily accessible and accurate.

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