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Planning poker for sprint planning and estimation for distributed and remote teams

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Slack integration

Keep your team informed about games progress.


Do estimates in your time. By your schedule. When you have time and then discuss the final points.

Distributed and Remote teams

Works best for the teams working in different locations.

More details

As an engineer, have you tired of being interrupted for a planning poker session while focusing on development?

As a planning poker session facilitator, have you tired that your team is not ready for the session?

Are you annoyed by long hours of sessions?

There is a solution! Move your estimation to the background. Do estimates when you have time, and then discuss final points if there is a big difference between team members. Do not interrupt your development!

Async Poker is a tool for estimating your product backlog efforts in Jira in an asynchronous way for collocated, distributed, or remote Agile teams. It increases the accuracy of estimations.

IMPORTANT: Async poker is not a standard way of planning poker when you go with your team issue by issue together. In Async Poker, each team member goes by himself through a list of prepared issues by a moderator. And then, in the review stage, issues are discussed if required.

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