MergeBase CodeGreen - SCA & CVE Defense

for Bitbucket Server 5.8.0 - 7.17.0, Bitbucket Data Center 5.8.0 - 7.17.0 and more
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Secure your enterprise against vulnerable open source libraries with every Bitbucket push

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Eradicate the biggest source of data breaches

Vulnerabilities in application libraries are responsible for a quarter of all data breaches. Equifax lost $5 Billion in value as a result of a breach. MergeBase identifies these vulnerabilities better than any other.

Enterprise class SDLC controls at your fingertips

Prevent developers from bringing vulnerabilities into your projects.

Mix and match friendly approaches to nudge developers in the right direction with strict enforcement of policies and procedures where needed.

"Shift Left": Starting at the source is key

Research has shown time and time again that the earlier in the software development lifecycle you can identify and fix a problem , the lower the cost to do so and the lower the negative impact on the organization.

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With every push MergeBase CodeGreen analyses the code developers want to add to your repositories for known-vulnerabilities and triggers warnings, rejections, and mandatory code reviews. You can configure these to extend full enterprise control over these potentially catastrophic risks to your organization.

CodeGreen's controls and reports are integrated directly into Bitbucket's push and merge hooks. Developers will start receiving valuable vulnerability reports on their next "git push" or "pull-request merge" immediately after Code Green is installed - they do not need to remember to click on special scanning or reporting pages. It's all integrated and seamless.

The current version supports:

  • Go (go.mod)
  • Java (pom.xml)
  • JavaScript and TypeScript (package-lock.json and/or yarn.lock)
  • .NET (*.csproj and *.vbproj)
  • PHP (composer.lock)
  • Python (requirements.txt)
  • Ruby (Gemfile.lock)

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