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Update Gherkin scenarios in Bitbucket with confidence

Gherkin editor in Bitbucket

Edit your Gherkin Features and Scenarios in Bitbucket with confidence that syntax validation is maintained.

Gherkin syntax validation

Gherkin syntax validation highlighted in Bitbucket editor to ensure simple errors are captured before running tests in CI/CD.

CTRL-ALT-L to autoformat the scenarios

Store changes directly in Bitbucket

Make changes to features and scenarios directly into Bitbucket and save changes with the confidence that no Gherkin syntax errors have been introduced

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Why Choose AssertThat?

AssertThat provide a number of plugins and tools for the test and development community.

Our core plugin - AssertThat-BDD & Cucumber for Jira provides the complete set of features to support your organisation successfully implement Behaviour Driven Development in Jira:

  • Create and maintain features and scenarios in Jira
  • Link BDD scenarios to Users Stories
  • Traceability reporting
  • Import automated test results into Jira
  • Test Reporting – triage automated test results
  • Gherkin editor - auto formatting, auto complete and syntax validation
  • Scenario Manager – to bulk update scenarios
  • Comprehensive client API’s and integrations including Jenkins plugin.

For a free trial, please visit Atlassian Marketplace, or contact to arrange a demo.

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Integration Details

Gherkin Editor for Bitbucket Cloud integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read access to all the repositories the authorizing user has access to

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