Workflow Rules Pro

for Jira Server 7.5.0 - 8.14.0 and more
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Using natural language like rules to define condition, validator and post function. No scripting, no complex UI

Natural Language Like Rules

The rule syntax is like natural language. It has both readability for non-developers and expressiveness for complex workflow condition ,validation and post function.

Intellisense Editor

The editor provides controlled editing experience. With its syntax coloring and code completion assistance, it is easy to create and update your rule logic.

If-Then-Else Post Function

Managing post-function is easy by using conditional action in the form of if-then-else rule.

More details

Workflow Rules help you manage flexible condition, validator and post function with ease.

You can define condition/validator like below:

  • the summary of the issue is “title”
  • and the name of the project is like “%Part%”
  • the vote number of the issue is at least 100
  • the due date of the issue is before 2019-09-09
  • the assignee has role named “Developers”
  • all of the subtasks match (the status of the subtask is "Done")
  • none of the issues linked with "is blocked by" match (the status of the linked issue is "To Do")
  • and more at Condition/validator examples

You can also write conditional post functions using if-then-else form. The actions include:

  • add comment to the issue with restriction
  • add label to the issue
  • assign the issue to some user
  • update the fields of the issue
  • more actions at Post function examples.

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