BitLeaks — Secrets Leak Security

for Bitbucket Server 6.2.0 - 7.21.4 and more
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Prevent API and Cryptographic keys leaks on your Bitbucket Server


According to the researchers, thousands of new API or cryptographic keys leak via Git repositories every day.


BitLeaks Add-on detects over 30 different API & cryptographic keys patterns and automatically rejects any commits containing sensitive information.

A Known Issue

More than 700,000 API keys found exposed in 100,000 repositories. Even experienced developers are prone to make this mistake.

More details

BitLeaks protects you from pushing the following:

  • Cryptographic keys: RSA, SSH, PKCS8, PGP, EC
  • Secret API and Access keys: Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Slack, Google, Heroku, MailChimp, MailGun, PayPal, Picatic, Slack, Stripe, Square, Twilio

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