Confluence Media Processor

for Confluence Server 6.15.1 - 8.6.2, Confluence Data Center 8.8.0 - 8.9.1 and more
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Fast & easy media conversion

Quick data compression

Automatically reduce your file size and transform your formats into jpg (images) and mp4 (videos)

Easy drag&drop

Easily convert video and image files in one go using the drag and drop interface.

Personal settings

You can limit the resolution of the media that is uploaded, thereby saving space and speeding up Confluence responsiveness.

More details

The Confluence Media Processor plugin provides a macro which can be used as a drag-and-drop uploader for video and image files, which converts and resizes them according to the given global configuration.

The plugin requires the installation of ffmpeg and imagemagick on the server where the plugin is running, since it depends on them to provide its functionality. These can then be configured in the Configuration screen of the plugin.

You can configure the maximum size and resolution for you images and videos and they will be automatically downconverted after upload. You can upload using a simple drag and drop interface.

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