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Coda is a new type of doc. It contains a set of building blocks that makers can combine to create tools as powerful as apps

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The Coda Jira Pack allows you to automatically pull in your Issues and Projects right into a doc. You can also use it to create new issues and combine with your other processes.

The Coda Jira pack also supports JQL, so you can use powerful search queries to pull only the most relevant Jira issues into your Coda doc.

For example see how Joana Machado, a newly-minted Product Manager, brings Jira and OKRs together.

If you want to add the Jira pack to your doc and bring in your Jira issues or projects first:

  • Create a new doc in Coda (or use an existing one)
  • Go to the puzzle piece icon in the top corner and install the Jira pack
  • After installing select Add a new
  • If you have multiple sites for Jira you'll need to choose the one you want to connect and Accept
  • You can go through this process again to set up another site

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Sync all of your Jira issues directly into your Coda doc