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Backlog refinement with incomplete stories, unplanned stories, and sprint planning with past velocity and team capacity

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Find all the stories that don't follow INVEST

Find all the stories that don't have a persona, a reason or a benefit, together with those that weren't estimated.

With unique filters, and coming filters for dependent stories, and "too big" stories.

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Avoid over-commitment

Divim's Backlog refinement and Sprint planning for Jira allows the team to see their current sprint load and their past velocity.

Teams planning in hours can see the allocate hours compared to planned capacity.

Show and Hide the subtasks in sprints and backlog

Teams using subtasks for planning and tracking will find all the stories with missing subtasks, will create subtasks on the spot, and they will assign hours on the same screen without losing focus.

More details

Backlog refinement and Sprint planning shows your team allocation and planned capacity alongside with the past velocity of the team.

Backlog refinement and Sprint planning for Jira adds filters to identify:

  • Stories that don't follow the As a, I want, So... template
  • Stories with missing story points
  • Stories without subtasks (for teams breaking down stories)
  • Subtasks without hours (for teams planning the sprint in hours)
  • And new filters added every month!

Plan your sprint with confidence

As the team adds story points to the stories, the sprint load bar compares the current load to past velocity, helping the team avoid over or under commitments.

For teams using time for planning, Backlog refinement and Sprint planning for Jira provides the easiest way to create subtasks, add time, and compare the sprint load with the team's planned capacity. Whether teams use time on subtasks or stories.

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This app offers additional security, reliability, and support through:

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  • and more.

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Backlog refinement and Sprint planning integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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Show or hide subtasks on the sprints and backlog for increased visibility into the work to be done