Servado Enterprise Portals for Jira

by Origo
for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.17.0, Jira Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.17.0 and more
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Enterprise Service Management made easy as you manage the Customer Service, Business Support, and IT Service effectively

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Build custom Portals

Create an attractive Servado service portals structure that can be branded independently. Enjoy the freedom of presenting portal users with various custom forms without creating mountains of Jira custom fields.

Facilitate Business Processes Automation

Servado allows you to define actions and automation built behind each portal, like creating multiple Jira issues from one tile. These issues can be submitted to different projects or even different instances of Jira.

Purpose-built data insights

Create purpose-driven portals displaying statistics on Jira issues. You can also use widgets to display information from external sources as well as access to information, like as an intranet.

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Servado enables you to set up powerful and effective Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with Jira

  • Workflow approvals for end users
  • Auto populate fields to increase data accuracy and reduce manual labor
  • Statistical graphs powered by JQL
  • Design your own user portal and add as many custom forms as you like without slowing down the performance of your Jira system
  • Create more than one ticket per action in different projects with one click automation
  • Integration with 3rd party Cloud Chat, like Intercom
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Self-service sign up for new non-Jira users
  • Automatically generate links to issue information that gives an updated view of the Jira ticket
  • Secure connectivity to external user databases (SAML) to reduce user management, increase security, and provide credentials for tickets
  • Email notifications to reporters (non-Jira users) throughout the ticket life cycle
  • Customize the look of the portal
  • Accessibility
  • All without any coding!

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Customize the form items with Jira standard fields and Jira custom fields. The field "System" is of type "Select list (single choice)"