Labels Change History Tracking

for Confluence Server 6.7.0 - 8.7.2 and more
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Track all events on pages labels in Confluence

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Track all the actions on labels by dates

Track what happens with pages labels in each space and form the report using space tools menu or admin menu.

See actions on labels in macro

Use macro to track labels activity on any page from other pages branch by dates range.

Control labels events database

Control labels events database. You can control what events to display and what to delete from DB by space.

More details

You can see all the history of actions on pages labels in Confluence - who created/added/removed/modified labels, in what space, on what page and when.

Two menus are present: space tools for space admins and Confluence admin menu for system admins.

The macro shows data on any page from any pages branch on labels actions.

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