BI for Jira & Tempo

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Dynamic and Real Time Dashboards in Business Intelligence tools for Jira & Tempo Data

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BI for Jira & Tempo lets you analyze Jira & Tempo data in BI tools. Once connected to bievery, you can configure Jira & Tempo details and a database name. In that database you can create as many data sets (tables) as you want by using different Jira & Tempo APIs. After selecting jira fields, you can give a name to table and save it. Now you are ready to use BI tools and connect to our service.

Key features include:

  • Analyze Jira Data inside Tableau, Power BI or other BI tools with mysql connectivity
  • BI tool is your user interface just like a web app but it is much powerful
  • 100+ Jira API. Leverage the power BI tools to create insightful reports from Jira data generated from Jira API.
  • 50+ Tempo API
  • No need to setup data extraction. Fast easily filtered volatile data access in Real Time
  • Join Jira & Tempo Data
  • Create dashboards in no time

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