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Integrated design feedback and bug tracking tool for teams building web content and apps

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Collaborate easily with non-technical stakeholders

zipBoard's client collaboration allows team members with various technical degrees to work with ease. Prevent extended email chains and screen-sharing sessions, with features like annotation and screen recording.

Visual feedback-Annotated screenshots and videos

Clients or stakeholders can share quick visual feedback with:

-Annotation over a live website/other digital content.


-Screen recordings with audio.

-Annotation over the video/screenshot.

Supports Multiple Types of Digital Contents

zipBoard lets you review multiple files in the same project such as:

- Live websites-URL (Supports multiple resolutions and responsive design compatibility.)

- Images.

- SCORM courses.

- Video.

- PDF files.

More details

zipBoard is an integrated stakeholder feedback and bug tracking tool. zipBoard lets teams gather quick feedback with markups and videos from stakeholders.

  • Quicker client collaboration and communication.
  • Easier QA reviews on different media types and web-based content.
  • zipBoard lets you gather reviews on different media types - image files, web-based content, website, e-learning courses, PDF files, HTML files.
  • Options to share feedback using videos and screenshots for more specific feedback.
  • Contextual feedback helps reproduce the issue easily and communicate specific details with clients.
  • Organize, track client feedback and tasks in one place.
  • Prioritize, assign, track feedback and tasks.
  • Easily reproduce and validate reported issues.
  • Manage and view tasks in Kanban or spreadsheet view.
  • Break down your review tasks and reviews in phases to better track progress.

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