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Use Example Mapping to collaborate effectively, deliver value and slash failure demand

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Enable teams to have kickass story kickoffs

Utilise the fantastic BDD technique of Example Mapping to take your story kickoffs and refinements to the next level. Identify happy and sad paths as well as edge cases via better collaboration.

Reduce failure demand

Use everyday language to ensure your team is aligned and focused on the right thing. Identify behaviour that delivers value and meets requirements. Make sure the story is understood before going down a rabbit hole.

Seamless Jira integration

Easy to use directly inside Jira, preventing interruption to your teams’ workflow. Create an easy to read summary of the rules and examples of your stories allowing you to review the acceptance criteria later.

More details

TeamUp Labs Example Mapping tool is in use by companies all over the world, and is now available inside Jira.

Example Mapping is a BDD technique that will help you identify requirements and value as well as complexity. It doesn't require any special training to use and will reduce your team's failure demand.

During a story kick off you can create rules, examples and questions to illustrate the value the story should deliver. During development these acceptance criteria can be reviewed to make sure the story is going to meet the requirements.

Example Mapping helps your team to understand the expected behaviour.

"Conveying complex requirements can be hard so we've started to use Example Mapping. We found this intuitive tool online and have now seen it's available on Marketplace to integrate directly onto our stories. Ambiguity solved!" - David McGlennon, Product Owner at Vonage.

Visit this link to try a live demo of the Example Map editor: https://www.teamuplabs.com/apps/example-mapping/

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