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Rely on data to build better software. Your Jira project, visualized across enhanced Kanban analytics

Analyze, Discover, Improve

Share the big picture of your workflow. Nave lets you track your WIP, make accurate forecasts and spot bottlenecks before they slow you down.

Real Time Sync, from Start to a Second Ago

Analyze your data in real time. Nave automatically syncs any changes from your Jira board along with the complete history of your project. Not a single data entry done by hand.

Filter at Will

Filter by specific timeframes, task types, or team members for a more granular insight into your flow. There are no limits to how deep you can dig into your data.

More details

The application is free for 14-days. No CC required.

Pricing: https://getnave.com/pricing

Link Nave to Jira https://getnave.com/blog/linking-nave-jira.

Nave is designed for teams who base their decisions on data to deliver better software, faster.

Use Nave on Jira to:

  • Evaluate your workflow performance
  • Analyze lead times and cycle times
  • Identify bottlenecks as they surface
  • Make probability based, data-driven estimates
  • Trace productivity patterns
  • Calculate your work delivery rate
  • Measure your team's productivity
  • Monitor the time work spends in progress
  • Track flow efficiency
  • Evaluate due-date performance

Our (current) data visualization tools:

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Cycle Time Scatterplot
  • Cycle Time Breakdown Chart
  • Cycle Time Histogram
  • Aging Chart
  • Throughput Run Chart
  • Throughput Histogram
  • Flow Efficiency Chart
  • Due Date Performance Chart
  • Monte Carlo: Delivery Date
  • Monte Carlo: Number of Tasks

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Integration Details

Kanban Analytics integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read data from the host application


Cumulative Flow Diagram for Jira