Git-InTouch Plugin

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.3.0 and more
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Use Git-InTouch plugin to associate repository events and Jira issues. View GitLab activities inside Jira issue immediately

For a distributed development team

Makes your software development process easier. You will be able to track and review all relative repository events inside Jira issue after simple settings.

View all relative repository events immediately

View your and colleagues commits inside associated Jira issue immediately.

Track the process of software development

View GitLab committed file information, merge requests or even build statuses from an associated Jira issue in realtime.

More details

Key features of Git-InTouch plugin:

Git Comment tab at Jira Activity panel displays the following repository changes:

  • commits (Push Events),
  • merge requests (Merge Requests Events),
  • pipelines (Pipeline Events - build status).

Git Informer panel gives information about Gitlab events:

  • shows a number of commits relative to Jira issue, last commit date and time, provides a link to the last commit in repository;
  • shows last merge request status, date and time, provides a link to the last merge request in repository;
  • shows the last build (pipeline) status, its date and time;
  • provides a link to the documentation.

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