My User Manager for Jira

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 9.10.2, Jira Data Center 7.0.0 - 9.11.3 and more
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Analyze inactive users and groups - Export data to CSV - Search Users and Groups using advanced filters

Plugin overview

Jira Admin -> User management -> My User Manager -> Filter Users

Export current search result or all data

Just click on "Export to CSV" and choose the export type (All vs Current). The user data will then be exported in CSV Format and can be opened with Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Advanced user search & status overview

Filter users using advanced combination, such as in group g1 or group g2 but not in group g3, or user e-mail contains @companyxy and status active since 1 days.

More details

🧩 This app helps you to keep your users and groups clean and save licenses.🧩 Users will be classified into 4 categories, based on their activities: active, idle, never logged in, inactive.🧩 Groups will be classified into 4 categories: active, deactivated, suspected and empty. Suspected groups are those that contain at least one inactive user. Such groups should be periodically checked and cleaned up.🧩 You can do advanced searches on specific users or groups. For example, users in group 1 and not in group 2. Or groups starting with department_1.🧩 All the analysis will be graphically shown using JSChart Bar chart

Privacy and security

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