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Visualise any project, release or filter in a tree with rolled up estimate progress reports. No config required

Tree View of Any Project, Release Or Filter

Get a birdseye view of any project, release or segment you define with your filters in a nested tree list all the way down to the sub-task level. Opens up right inside the project dashboard for easy access.

Epic Progress Reports Based On Estimates

View summed up story point and time tracking progress reports for each Epic. Sort Epics by their rolled up estimates and see which Epics are lagging in any segment.

Roll Up Estimates To Parent Issues Or Filters

Roll up story point and time tracking values from Sub-Task => Issue => Epic => Filter and track the estimate progress of entire segments at a glance.

More details

Visualise, track and communicate the progress of your projects, releases and teams more effectively with rolled up estimate progress reports.

  • No more manually counting the number of story points completed or time spent on your Epics.
  • No more scrambling through 100 screens to see how your releases are going.
  • No more wasted hours trying to work out which Epics are lagging in any segment.

You'll be able to:

  • See EXACTLY how far along each Epic is based on completed story points or time spent
  • Track the estimate progress of ALL your Projects, Releases and Teams on a single page using cross project filters and share it with stakeholders
  • Embed Agile Docs in Confluence to keep stakeholders up to date with the progress of your team
  • Flexibly sort Epics by their rolled up story point or time progress values to see which Epics need your attention.
  • Use rolled up Epic Estimate fields in JQL queries or Confluence Tables

Compatible with Team Managed (Next-Gen) and Company Managed (Classic Projects).

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