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    Instantly track development for Jira issues by adding information from Azure Pipelines

    Instantly track development for Jira issues by adding information from Azure Pipelines

    Instantly track development for Jira issues by adding information from Azure Pipelines

    View pipelines information in Jira Software

    Track associated Jira issues in Azure Pipelines

    Integrate with multiple Azure DevOps orgs

    End-to-end development cycle tracked in Jira issues.

    Accurately know the associated Jira issues in each build and deployment

    Connect multiple Azure DevOps organizations with Jira to help all your teams.

    More details

    Azure Pipelines enable you to continuously build, test and deploy to any platform or cloud. You can have flexible workflows, advanced deployment scenarios like approvals and gates, and use marketplace extensions to support anything you need in your pipelines. You can use hosted Windows, Linux and Mac agents to execute your pipelines.

    This plugin connects Jira Software with Azure Pipelines, enabling full tracking of how and when an issue is delivered. It displays build and release information from Azure Pipelines and shows it in the development panel of the issues. Deep links enable a tight development cycle, from issue creation to deployments tracked in Jira.

    It unlocks the following functionalities

    • View build and release status directly in associated Jira issues with links to Azure Pipelines.
    • View issues in Azure Pipelines with deep links back to Jira. Simply get accurate release notes for each deployment.

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    Reviews for cloud

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    by Leng Be on 2019-08-22
    When will Azure Repos be available?
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    by Sarath Kumar Krishnamoorthy on 2019-08-22
    Hello, We are eagerly waiting for the support for Azure repos integration with this plugin. When the next version will be released?
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    Azure DevOps

    Hi Sarath,

    Can you please send us the release Url for which you encountered the error? Contact us at rm_customer_queries@microsoft.com


    by Mikhail Kushakov on 2019-08-13
    Would be great to be able to integrate with TFVS repo as well.
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    Azure DevOps

    Hi Milkhail,

    We would like to understand and debug the issue further. Can you please contact us on rm_customer_queries@microsoft.com?


    by Ryan Bell on 2019-07-25
    Why does the add ORGANIZATION button add a PROJECT? Why cannot I not see which projects are added under an organization from jira? This was very confusing / buggy to integrate, and feels kind of half baked.
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    Azure DevOps

    Thanks for the feedback Ryan.

    We're working on displaying the project information in the post install page.

    by Jay Stevens on 2019-07-22
    Insanity to include support for Azure Pipelines that does *NOT* include support for Azure Repos. #WTAF
    9 out of 9 found this review helpful
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    Azure DevOps

    Azure Repos support would be available in 2-3 week

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    Jira Cloud Released 2019-06-27


    Integrate release pipelines with Jira Software V1


    Azure Pipelines integration with Jira connects the two services, providing full tracking of how and when the value envisioned with an issue is delivered. Using the integration, teams can setup a tight development cycle from issue creation through release. Key development milestones for an issue can be tracked from Jira. Kindly take note of the following.

    • The current version supports linking only when a GitHub repository is linked with Jira and built with Azure Pipelines.
    • The JIRA issue must be mentioned in commit message or PR title for the integration to work. Mentions in commit details and PR details do not work.
    • Support for Azure Repos would be added in the next iteration (in roughly 2-3 weeks).


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Azure Pipelines for Jira.
    4. Click Install to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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