Easy Tables For Confluence

for Confluence Server 5.7 - 7.20.3 and more
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Import data, build tables automatically, and give them nice styles. And get nice colored tables. So make table creation simple

Build table easily

From excel or csv files, this app will automatically generate a table. You can add colors and various styles on it.

Just paste bulk data in macro

The app will process the entered data, taken from excel and csv files.

Add colors and styles easily

A Simple wizard will help you add colors and styles for the text, background colors, cells, lines, columns, etc

More details

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  • For more details and screenshots, just click documentation link on the right side.
  • Import your csv or excel data, and transform this data into a table
  • Add images, or files links, so they appear in the table automatically.
  • Make table formatting simple, by using a simple wizard, to add styles and to define the formatting you want.

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