SCORM Learning for Confluence

for Confluence Server 6.13.0 - 7.12.5 and more
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Easily upload, deliver and track SCORM-based training courses in Confluence, and avoid the cost burdens of a traditional LMS

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Easy package upload and course distribution

Easily upload SCORM packages and use the Course macro to publish the course. Content is quickly and reliably delivered within Confluence, a familiar environment that is convenient, accessible and easy to maintain.

Seamless one-click user experience

A simplified user experience improves engagement and consumption of training materials. Users can enroll, start, pause, resume, review and complete courses at their own pace.

Reliable,measurable results at your fingertips

Admins can track course performance by enrollment, progress and completion metrics. Progress reports are faster to create and easier to track. Seamlessly update or revise training materials. Do it all within Confluence.

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Deliver standardized, consistent training and learning courses where your users already work - in Confluence.

The benefits include:

  • Everything happens in Confluence, no costly LMS or subscription service required
  • Improved accessibility and consumption of materials
  • SCORM player delivers lightweight performance and is built to scale and meet your company’s growing needs
  • As a stand alone product without constraints of another ecosystem, it delivers more flexibility to grow with latest tech trends

Key features:

  • Upload SCORM package as course
  • Distribute courses through macro
  • Restrict access of courses to space
  • Users enroll, start, pause, resume, review, and complete at their own pace
  • Track user enrollments, progress and completion or withdrawal
  • Responsive global support team

Use cases:

  • Corporate training program
  • Self-paced eLearning program
  • Customer education
  • Compliance training program

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