Inline Comments in the Editor

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for Confluence Server 6.2.4 - 8.2.3, Confluence Data Center 6.2.4 - 8.2.3 and more
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View and resolve inline comments in the Confluence editor

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Simplified Confluence Editing

Inline comments are highlighted and interactive in the Confluence editor just as they appear on the Confluence page.

Resolve Inline Comments Directly in the Editor

Resolve inline comment threads directly in the Confluence editor without switching between page and edit mode.

See the Latest Inline Comments

Toggle inline comments on and off in edit mode to see the latest comments, or collapse comments to remove distraction while editing in Confluence.

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⚠️Note on the future of Inline Comments in the Editor⚠️

The option to view and resolve inline comments in the editor has been added natively to Confluence 8.3. Therefore, the functionality of our own app is not compatible with v8.3 (and newer). Moving forward, the app will not officially support new Confluence versions. Subsequently, we’re shifting our development efforts away from new feature development and improvements, and will focus on maintaining the app for the foreseeable future.

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Inline Comments in the Editor improves collaboration in Confluence by displaying unresolved inline comments and replies while you edit. You can use the inline comments to navigate between highlighted texts and you can even resolve comments while in the editor.

Key benefits:

  • View comments and their replies when editing pages & blogs
  • Navigate inside the editor using the inline comments
  • Resolve comments in context
  • Toggle comments on/off for readability or to view the latest comments

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