Epic Timesheets: Estimate & Worklog reports

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Count and summarize time your team spends on tasks and issues inside epic

Aggregate the logged time from the Epic's issues

If you are not sure about meeting the estimates – check the Epic remaining time. Be sure: not a tiniest sub-task logged time passed uncounted.

💡 Two types of Epic Estimate count are available now! Select per project.

Browse Epic's remaining time within any issue

Should you hurry up or you have enough time for your task? See how much time the epic allows you to spend (there are no restrictions, it's just nice to know). Each work log entry will update this information.

Browse the issues with specific Epic Ratio

Do you want to find all issues in progress which epic's estimated time overrun, or you need a report of all closed epics that were estimated not precisely enough? Epic Timesheets will help you to take them under control.

More details

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This app allows you to control that the epic time does not exceed the estimated limit. There are two variants of usage (an option can be selected per project):

  • distributive – the estimated time is fixed and specified in Epic
  • cumulative – the estimated time for an Epic is summed up from issues of the Epic.

The application provides the following custom fields within Epic's issues:

  • Epic Estimate
  • Epic Time Spent
  • Epic Remaining
  • Epic Ratio (percentage of the spent time)

Just include issues in an Epic and get their logged work time aggregated to the Epic Time Spent field for accurate control.

Our team is ready to customize Epic Timesheets for Jira in accordance with your requirements.

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Select Epic Estimate calculation logic per project.