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Bring Jira and Harvest together! How is your project going against budget? Burning fast or slow? Find out in easy to read graphs

Sprint planning meets budget tracking

Track your budget against where your team is really at. Tweak and adjust your team allocations on the fly in sprint editor. We track all changes to sprint plans and budgets in project history, so everyone stays informed.

Project Status at a Glance

As your data starts to build, you'll be able to compare the time you're actually spending against your budget and forecast. You can also see how you are tracking week to week, and where you're projected to end up.

Multiple views for confidence and transparency

The client view can show as much as you want to share. Sprint planning gives PMs a space to plan. History view tracks decisions. Different views help to build a better shared understanding of project progress.

More details

Jira is great at helping you create issues, and organising these into Sprints. But if your projects have budgets, you also need to know how things are tracking. Are you going to be over or under at the end of this Sprint? What about at the end of the project?

Projectt brings together data from Jira, Harvest and Forecast to give you a clear picture of your project budget. Where it’s at today, and prediction for the end of each Sprint.

We’re a tech agency. We built Projectt to plan and track our portfolio of projects. We wanted our weekly planning meeting to be focussed on making decisions, not scrambling for information. If a project is over budget, having accurate information means we can make changes to bring it back in.

You can see each sprint, the project as a whole, or a portfolio of projects by client. You can see what was delivered for each sprint and forecast where your project will end up, based on current progress.

Ideal complement to Harvest Time Tracking and Jira.

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