Pro Create for Jira Service Management

by Accxia
for Jira Server 7.10.1 - 9.15.2 and more
  • Jira Service Management

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Ensuring your agents are raising a Jira Service Management Request correctly

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Agent Confirmation on Create

To ensure consistency with best practice, Agents can be forced to raise a request or they are prompted with an option to either raise the ticket on the customer portal or to create the issue using Jira.

Contextual evaluation

If a user clicks on the Create button when in a different context (non-Jira Service Desk Project, Dashboard, Admin pages), the confirmation message is not displayed.

Configurable message and Enforce Option

Administrative controls for terminology used in your confirmation message

More details

Agents, especially those used to Jira, will often raise Service Desk requests via Jira's Create button. This results in missing data (such as Customer Request Type), or far too many custom fields being displayed on the create screen. Furthermore, Automations or SLAs can fail to run because of this missing data. Pro Create for Jira Service Desk solves these problems by reminding the Agent to 'Raise a request' via the Portal, either without or with enforcing this. This allows Incidents and Service Requests to be raised correctly via the Portal, but also Changes and Problems to be raised via Jira's create button. The current workarounds of hiding the Create button with Script in the Announcement Banner, or Modifying the project's permission schemes do not allow for this best practice behavior. Pro Create for Jira Service Desk solves the following requests:






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