Config Insights for Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.2.1 and more
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Jira Configuration, fields by project. Administration and cleaning up of unused artifacts in bulk made easy

Fields per Project

Fields per Project shows how fields are associated with projects via field configuration, issue type screen scheme and workflow scheme.

Fields per Project via Workflow Scheme

Choosing to display more information about how a field is associated to a project via Workflow Scheme shows in one single view how the relationship was established.

Depicting non-optimal field configurations

Field configurations that are global can result in affecting significantly the database size and the overall performance.

Fields that are wrong configured can result in the field not being visible in various projects.

More details

Config insights for Jira (CIFJ) allows Jira administrators to easily visualize relationships between various Jira artifacts. Those relationships that are otherwise difficult to envision. Each artifact used in Jira is presented in a per Project View. Questions such as - What fields are belonging to what projects can be now answered with ease.Each view contains links to the Jira admin pages pertaining to the artifacts being shown. On top of allowing the user to easy correlate and visualize complex relationships, CIFJ provides tools to depict nonoptimal configurations in order to correct them and allows bulk deletion of artifacts making configuration cleaning easy.

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