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ZigiOps supports integrations for Jira, Jira SM and Data Center - integrate Jira with ServiceNow, SalesForce, Dynatrace and more

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Agile Jira ServiceNow integrations

With our no-code integration platform, unify and integrate data from multiple sources without replicating it. Minimize the risk of errors and reduce response time.

Configure your Jira ServiceNow integration easily

ZigiOps has ready to use integration templates, yet it is flexible and gives you the ability to seamlessly create your own integrations, define various parameters and build many workflows, tailored per your needs.

No-code integrations ready in minutes

Conditional field mapping for a no-code, easy setting of complex data relationships and system dependencies. Integrate Jira and ServiceNow in minutes to improve communication and teamwork between your teams.

More details

ZigiOps integration supports:

- ALL Jira fields - including attachments, comments and custom fields

- ALL ServiceNow incidents, cases, service requests, etc.

- Unlimited number of users

- No limitations on number of transferred entities or syncs

- Complex use cases with configurable logic

- Completely no-code integrations

- High degree of control over data filtering and mapping

- Bi-directional integration


- Allows seamless end-to-end data flow

- Synchronizes records between the two systems in real time

- Simplifies defect tracking and resolution

- Improves teamwork and communication

- More happy customers

Use cases:

When a new incident in ServiceNow is received, ZigiOps automatically creates a related issue in Jira. Updates are synced in both directions. Same goes for Jira Tasks, Subtasks, Stories, Bugs or Epics, as well as all types of ServiceNow requests, cases or incidents.

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Simple and conditional field mapping for integrating Jira and ServiceNow with ZigiOps.