Testify for Confluence

by Praqma
for Confluence Server 6.2.0 - 6.14.0 and more
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Configure your testing Confluence instance with environment variables

Change color scheme

Testify changes the color scheme to distinguish Staging server from Production!

Remove Applinks

Testify removes Application Links pointing to the Production environment!

Changed base-url

Testify changes the base url to match the new staging instance!

More details

More details

More and more applications are being put in containers and deployed with orchestration tools like Kubernetes. This makes testing identical snapshots of the production environment easy. When cloning the Atlassian production environment, you need to do manual changes in order to distinguish the test from the production environment. These manual changes or script writing is tedious and makes you test less than optimal. - This is where Testify comes in handy!

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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Testify disable inboud/outbound emails