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Dynamic & rich filters for dashboards. Custom dashboards with advanced gadgets. Sum up number fields and build custom charts

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Filter issues on your Jira dashboards dynamically

βœ… Build interactive Jira dashboards with advanced gadgets without the help of an admin.

πŸ”Ž Create powerful filters in your Quick Controller and filter issues on your dashboard gadgets with one click.

Create powerful cross-project dashboards

πŸ“Š Quick Filters considers components and other fields with matching names as identical, making it easy to track progress across projects.

πŸ”„ Filter for projects, teams or sprints to compare their performance.

Sum up Jira number fields and more...

βž• Sum up any numeric value like story points with our statistics gadgets. Aggregate number fields with the Pie Chart widget.

πŸ”Ž View rich details in the activity stream, and benefit from more advanced functionalities.

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About Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards

  • Easy to configure and use - Configure your advanced Jira dashboard without the help of an admin
  • Select from a variety of advanced gadgets that are based on the Jira standard gadgets
  • Customize the appearance of the Pie Chart gadget
  • List recent activities and custom field values of custom filters with the Quick Activity Stream.
  • Define multiple conditions within the Filter Count gadget
  • Learn how to filter Jira dashboard gadgets dynamically
  • Read more about how to sum up values in Jira with our statistics gadgets

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