Phases for Jira

for Jira Server 7.6.4 - 8.0.3
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Load & capacity planning for teams or individuals: Epic phases or stories on a timeline, with planned vs actual start & end dates

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Plan load & capacity for teams or individuals

The remaining estimate in hours for an epic phase or story becomes a load for the assigned team or individual. The capacity for a team or individual can vary over time. Easily find periods of high load versus capacity.

Compare planned vs actual start & end dates

An epic phase corresponds to an important epic status, that you transition into at the start date and out of at the end date. Plan these dates in advance on the timeline, and compare with actual dates from state changes.

Check load per week & get overload warnings

The load symbols are usually shown in a timeline with daily granularity. Switch to weekly granularity, to look at load averaged out on a weekly basis. Get warnings in tooltips for periods of high load versus capacity.

More details

Phases for Jira is the visual load & capacity planning tool for teams or individuals on a timeline, that also can be used for looking at planned versus actual start & end dates for work.

  • Visualize planned, ongoing & finished epic phases or stories over time.
  • Plan with start & end dates, assign to team, estimate in hours etc.
  • Extract actual start & end dates from epic status changes for epic phases, or from story status category changes for stories.

For capacity planning, you can easily spot periods when a team or individual is overloaded on a daily or weekly basis, and re-plan if necessary.

Rows for total, team, individual & unassigned show both load & capacity over time:

  • Give each team a default capacity in hours per week.
  • Specify deviating team capacity periods by adding capacity symbols to the timeline.
  • Load symbols are visually indicating if a period is overbooked (red), nearly overbooked (yellow) or if there is capacity left for additional work (green).

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Epic phase date fields can be filled in automatically on state changes, or manually. They can be used as an alternative source of actual start and end dates for epic phases, instead of the epic status history.