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The Facebook Messenger plugin for Jira

Step 1 - Emobot Settings

From your profile menu, select Emobot Settings.

Step 2 - Facebook Login

Login with the Facebook Account you want to use to receive Jira notifications. You will receive a welcome message in your Messenger chat.

Step 3 - Select your preferences

Select the type of notifications you wish to receive in your Facebook Messenger account.

More details

This release is just the first phase of our project. It includes:

- Settings page

- Facebook messenger login widget (Compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers)

- Notification platform

- Self notifications (Choose if you want to be notified on your own actions)

- Stealth Mode! (If you are worried about your business secrets being shared to facebook messenger, Stealth Mode will hide the critical part of you business information while keeping you up to date on your development process)

We have noticed sometimes your Emobot Settings link on you profile menu does not show, please click on your Personal Settings and it will appear. We have already notified Atlassian about this issue.

Upcoming release:

- Actions. We are working on making our plugin, a two way communication experience.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Integration Details

Emobot for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read data from the host application


Get all your notifications in your Facebook Messenger chat.