XebiaLabs XL Release Integration

for Jira Server 6.3.6 - 8.14.0 and more
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Bring the worlds of backlog management and Continuous Delivery together

‚ÄčAutomate and orchestrate release pipelines

XebiaLabs allows you to manage enterprise-scale release pipelines with ease. Optimize delivery by automating and analyzing the entire pipeline. Get real-time release status, identify bottlenecks, and lower failure risk.

Connect backlog management to CD pipelines

Connect work managed in Jira to other activities in the Continuous Delivery process. Integrate backlog management with a scalable release pipeline that connects Jira issues to the features that make it into Production.

Start release pipelines from Jira workflows

Automatically start release pipelines that integrate Jira issues with activities such as automated testing, security and compliance analysis, environment provisioning, application deployment, and manual release tasks.

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The XL Release app for Jira allows enterprises to:

  • Stay on top of the real-time status of the work being done by different teams
  • Always know which features from the backlog actually made it into Production
  • Combine automated and manual security checks for powerful compliance and audit capabilities
  • Reduce or eliminate the manual work and approval steps that hurt worker productivity and slow down releases of new and updated software

Key Features

  • This app enables you to:
    • Add a post function to a Jira workflow that starts a release in XL Release
    • Select the XL Release template to use on a per-issue basis
    • Authenticate with XL Release on a per-issue basis
  • The app also:
    • Passes data from custom Jira issue fields to like-named release variables in XL Release
    • Passes the Jira issue number to a release variable in XL Release named ${issue}
    • Adds a custom password field in Jira that hides its value on input and display

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