Flexi Resources Management

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 7.12.3 and more
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RM supports Leader of Project, Department or authorized people can manage the using of resources in projects

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Easy to Planning resources

Assist the scalability of search and assign people to appropriate roles within project.

Actual Worklog

Show the details of team member work log in specific project’s tasks.

Resources Usage Monitoring

Show the status of using resources of projects by time: History, current, upcoming trends.

More details

Besides of easily to plan, view work log and evaluate data usage in the project, RM also provides the additional features:

- Holidays detail management for all projects.

- Decentralized Organization Definition and sets up the list of projects and members to use statistics, reports.

- Flexible in setting features by Project Roles.

- Easily in setting highlight color rules and some other master data.

- Statistics the use of resources by each project or all projects in an Organization and also provide relevant metrics such as busy rate, ...

- Allows exporting data to csv / excel file

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