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Identify meaningful changes made in a ticket Description in diff format

Organize and retain only meaningful changes

This way of visualization makes it easier to analyse only major alterations made to a description. The changes are presented via standard unified diff with Wiki markup formatting.

Changes are grouped to versions

In case several changes are made by the same author within configurable time interval those are grouped into a single version for better user experience

Configure availability on a per project basis

Not each and every project in Jira has issues with considerable description size. Make "Description History" available only for relevant projects and configure interval to group changes and text field to compare

More details

JIRA users edit ticket descriptions for a variety of reasons. Tracking changes via the regular history tab becomes increasingly more complicated with the frequency and size of changes being made, especially for issues with long formal task assignments in their description.

Our solution is a clean and straightforward way to identify and act on changes made in the Description field of an issue:

  • It starts by extracting information about changes in the configured text field (Description is default) from the History tab.
  • Then the tool filters out changes made by a single author in configurable time frames (default is one hour), keeping and showing only meaningful changes.
  • The result is displayed in a convenient UI in a unified diff format and supports Wiki markup editing.

Now, it is easier to discern meaningful differences in an issue description field making life less stressful for project managers and functional analysts since they can now clearly identify and track changes.

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