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Use AI to analyse your user story backlog - instant QA and size estimation

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Use Case Diagram - autogenerated, NEW

Automated analysis for Use Case modelling and Use Case Diagram creation of an entire backlog, exposes meaning from a backlog of stories, including inconsistencies, outliers, missing and duplicated functionality.

Effortless Backlog Sizing

The Story Analyser App for Jira Cloud brings NLP hyperautomation to software requirements analysis, it automates story sizing and story QA.

Improve User Story Quality

Fully automated QA of user stories and sets of user stories helps you find and fix problems earlier.

More details

Story Analyser from ScopeMaster is the award-wining, hyperautomated analyser of software user stories for Jira Software. It performs the "heavy lifting" analysis work to bring insight and valid metrics to your backlog that save your team time.

Story Analyser examines the text of your user stories to bringing early feedback on quality, functional size and more.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality grade (A to E) for each user story and the entire backlog.
  • Detailed feedback on how to improve each story.
  • Discover which stories are too big, ambiguous or inconsistent.


  • Use NLP to detect functional intent and a valid size estimate in COSMIC function points for each user story, (an ISO standard), so you can give up story points!

Backlog Insight

  • Autogenerates a Class Diagram
  • Autogenerates Use Case Diagram (model)
  • Automates Consistency & CRUD analysis

Test Generation

  • Story Analyzer suggests baseline test scenarios

ScopeMaster has been independently proven to reduce development effort by 6-50%.

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Integration Details

Story Analyser integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Write data to the host application
  • Read data from the host application


Automate sizing and QA for each user story

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