Outcome Focused Product Portfolio Management

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PPM for better outcomes: connect OKRs, allocation, roadmapping, prioritization, resource planning, what-if & stakeholder reports

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Request: collect & manage feedback and requests

As the source of ideas, the Ideas space has both a List and a Board view for product teams to easily collect, categorize, and prioritize ideas against your Goals/OKR, Strategies, Themes, and other strategic drivers.

Portfolio: Prioritize, plan and allocate roadmaps

Make tradeoff decisions in minutes rather than days! Supercharge your planning via the Forecast engine - factor in priority, dependencies, resourcing, strategic drivers to create scenarios, and predict staffing needs.

Reporting: Automated tracking & predicting time

dragonboat enables automagic progress tracking at the portfolio, product, and project level for easy visibility across the company. Our allocation report provides insights on your portfolio investment and team velocity.

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Dragonboat is a complete PPM platform built by domain experts who built Product Portfolio management for PayPal, Shutterfly, Bigcommerce It is robust and intuitive with modules for OKR, Requests, Prioritization, Forecast, Staffing, and Dashboard module. It is a stand alone system seamlessly integrated with Jira.

Dragonboat enables the Responsive PPM, as well as lean product management, SAFe, Scrum@Scale, Portfolio Kanban, Strategic Planning on Demand and the Spotify Tribe model. It supports goal systems e.g. OKR, V2MOM, MBO or KPI.Dragonboat is adopted by companies of all sizes. Replacing traditional PPM tools that cost $ Millions and took months to implement. dragonboat is the world’s most flexible, responsive PPM tool that can be adopted by 1 person, 1 team or the entire company, at a fraction of the cost of traditional PPM tools. All the while it takes 15 min to get started.

Try it out for free at dragonboat.io

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Customer feedback and stakeholder request module for product managers to collect, collaborate, organize, and prioritize requests as inputs to build product roadmaps.