M.wikiGardener for Confluence

for Confluence Server 5.10.0 - 7.15.3 and more
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M.wikiGardener provides the ability to list and edit outdated pages. Useful to clear up spaces

Outdated Page

When you visit an outdated page, you will get a warning box with suggested options. Also added the age of the page in the subline (e.g. "about one year ago").

Overview of all outdated pages for this space

See all outdated pages in this space.


See all used function for each page in this space.

More details

M.wikiGardener provides a list (Space Tools -> Add-ons) of all outdated pages in a space and suggest options when visiting outdated pages.

  • Confirm: The content is up to date. This will update the Last Confirmed Date for the page which is based on the calculation for the outdated status.
  • Ignore: The page will not calculated for being outdated anymore. Useful for documents which never get modified. You can unlock each ignored page in the configuration (view ignored pages in this space).
  • Edit: The page to update the content. This will put them into page edit mode.
  • Archive: The page. The page is moved to a pre-configured Archive space, which hides it from search results.
  • Remove: Remove the page. The page is not permanently deleted, so can be restored if needed.

Once you active the log function, M.wikiGardener logs the actions for the current space

M.wikiGardener is a fork of Auto Wiki Gardener with bugfixes and extended functionality. Fore more details see Documentation

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