rundeck: Triggers Rundeck job from issue

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.8.1 and more
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Connect Jira Server to Rundeck

This plugin is compatible with Jira Server version. If you are looking for the Jira Cloud app, please go to:

This plugin generates a button on the right side of a jira issue panel that enables invoking a rundeck job. It passes the jira user information to rundeck job options: jiraIssue, userDisplayName, userEmail. You will be able to configure rundeck host, token, and rundeck api version. You will also be able to map an issue type with a rundeck job by specifying in string delimited format such as this: JIR:Rundeck_Project_Name|Rundeck_Job_Name. Issue type is defined before the column delimiter and then Rundeck project name before the pipe delimiter followed by the Rundeck job name after the pipe delimiter. This way every Issue type can have its own rundeck job.

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