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    Jira Service Desk
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.
    Jira Service Desk
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.
    Jira Service Desk
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.

    Plan releases effortlessly across projects. Minimise risks with the elegantly simple release management tool

    Plan releases effortlessly across projects. Minimise risks with the elegantly simple release management tool

    Plan releases effortlessly across projects. Minimise risks with the elegantly simple release management tool

    Plan releases across projects

    Customise the release activities

    Releases for next-gen projects

    The timeline introduces a portfolio view of stages for going live with each version.

    Teams can organise release related activities for their existing Jira project versions or Cross project releases provided by Swanly.

    Create your own stages to fit with teams requirements. Start with the stage that maps the Jira release entry and create additional custom ones.

    There are no releases or versioning related functionality in Jira Software's next-gen projects. Swanly enables the Releases screen and the ability to link next-gen issues to versions.

    More details

    Surprisingly there are no simple release management tools out there that integrate with Jira. We needed a timeline screen to track and manage our product versions across projects. So we built Swanly, a simple tool to help our Release Managers, Development Teams and IT Leadership orchestrate their releases.

    Key features:

    • Import only projects you want to manage
    • Shows versions from Jira Releases on the timeline
    • Create and edit versions directly in app
    • Create Cross-project versions to synchronise versions across the projects
    • Next-gen project releases
    • Add custom stages for releases (eg. Staging, UAT, Go live)
    • Manage stage statuses - choose from Pending, In progress, Failed, Done
    • View Release Scope
    • Track aggregated time estimates
    • Set the end of release option to track Go Live dates
    • Track release slippages and release collisions on the timeline
    • Filter for versions or use arrows to navigate quickly on Timeline
    • Changing version status and dates in Jira will automatically reflect in the app

    Reviews for cloud

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    by Peter Max Rasmussen on 2019-09-16
    Fantastic tool for planning your releases. It gives you a great overview. You can add tickets from multiple projects, which in our case in very useful. In addition, the support from Swanly is fast and they listen to our suggestions. Thank you.
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    Thank you for your ongoing feedback Peter. It's great to see such a level of support and trust coming from customers like yourself!

    by Miodrag Nikodinovic on 2019-07-30
    If you plan to manage and track your delivery this is just a perfect application for it. It gives a clear overview of all your project releases at once. Support provided by the Jexo team is amazing. They are very professional and dealt with requests we had promptly. Additional features we suggested were added in no time. Thank you!
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    We really appreciate your input Miodrag and thank you once again for taking the time to contribute and help us improve the app.

    by Ryan Erickson on 2019-07-22
    I've been really impressed with Swanly! Not only have they provided us with an easy to use solution for managing cross-project releases in the Next-Gen platform but they have been incredibly responsive too! So much so, that I emailed them about a possible feature on Saturday and they were able to implement it by Monday morning. It is great to work with a company that has the ability to react so quickly to new ideas. If you are struggling to manage cross-project releases, Swanly is a great solution for this.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
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    It is great working with you Ryan! The impressive number of small improvements you proposed has helped us define what Swanly might look like in the upcoming months. We appreciate your feedback!

    by Tanisha Smith on 2019-07-22
    Finally a plugin to manage cross-project releases! This is a perfect fit for our business needs. Also, the team at Swanly are very supportive. I gave feedback of features I would like to see and issues that I experienced, and got an immediate response on plans to address those issues. They added the ability to rollover issues and improved the response time of the plugin. I would definitely recommend this product.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
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    Thank you for the kind words Tanisha, and thank you for your improvement recommendations. We will update you when we rollout the next phase of rollover functionality.

    by Oleksandr Kalinichenko on 2019-07-12
    We faced an inability to manage cross-project releases by Jira default settings, while it was needed to provide transparent delivery. It was surprisingly engaging how simple Swanly is! Moreover, Swanly happened to be a powerful add-on in terms of Release Management besides its release stages. The only point remained to be 'a cherry on the pie' was to track issues in a release version. After a short call with a courteous Swanly team, an ability to view 'Issues in version' was delivered the next week directly. Pros: - configurable release stages; - supports two release flows, using the end of release stage separator; - cross-project release management; - view release scope; - fast support feedback cycle; Cons: - loading time floats; Would like to have an ability to share release timeline screen.
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    Hi Oleksandr,

    Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. We're working to improve and balance performance while constantly adding functionality. Hopefully, in the next period, you'll notice improvements. For the ability to share timeline screen, we have a popular improvement raised on our board that we're planning to explore in the next coupe of months: https://trello.com/c/SbKQH8Bu/26-ability-to-easily-insert-display-release-progress-in-confluenceAlso FYI, I know you asked for this as well, we started development for Type of Releases MVP, should be with you shortly :)

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    Jira Cloud Released 2019-09-10


    Type of Releases


    Types of releases

    Launching a new feature or deploying a hotfix, for web or mobile, in Canada or Germany only. With the new Types of Releases functionality, you can choose to classify each release.

    Custom stages for each type

    Create as many types of releases as you need and customize the stages, enabling different workflows with each release.

    Extended options while creating

    Handle information about the type and stages while creating the release. Choose to setup a release in one go or bypass the extra information.

    Introducing time management

    It is a common practice for stages to take place on the same day. eg. The testing phase ended today at 2 pm and deployment started half an hour later. Track all of it in Swanly.

    Scope focused releases

    Our users care about the scope of each release and for that reason we moved issues related information in a central area in the Release Details panel. This change enables us to continue to build scope related features.


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Swanly - Release Timeline for Jira.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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