Zoho Desk Jira Integration

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.11.1 - 8.0.3, Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.11.1 - 8.0.3 and more
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Convert tickets raised in Zoho Desk to engineering issues in Jira, and boost productivity twofold

Create an effective feedback loop

Agents can file bugs and improvements from inside any ticket in Zoho Desk. These bugs can be added to projects in JIRA, where engineers work to implement a fix. Each bug now becomes easy to track and resolve.

Break silos and collaborate

Agents and engineers can collaborate on issues easily through comments. Comments shared on either platform - JIRA or Zoho Desk - are reflected in the other, so your teams stay in sync, at all times.

No cracks to fall through

Agents can view a bug's properties from JIRA for any ticket linked to Zoho Desk. Likewise, engineers can see the full context of a ticket from Zoho Desk. All of this information is readily available at all times.

More details

The Jira integration allows your customer support team and the product team to work together for greater productivity. Agents can submit tickets as issues in Zoho Desk, while engineers can manage its R&D in Jira. Issues filed in a Zoho Desk Department gets added to its mapped project in Jira. The comments and status updates are synced both-way in real-time.

  • Map your departments in Zoho Desk to one or more Jira projects.
  • Give agents and engineers the power to collaborate through comments.
  • Keep your agents informed about the progress of ongoing issues. Get notified every time someone updates the status or leaves a comment in Jira.
  • View Jira issue details like assignee, status, etc., from inside a ticket.

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Map your Zoho Desk departments with JIRA projects