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for Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 8.5.8, Confluence Data Center 6.0.1 - 8.5.8 and more
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Add statuses to confluence pages with ease. Display project, incident or ticket status for consistent information and success

Choose from a predefined status list

Status macro comes with a predefined set of different statuses. Including all time favorites "Todo", "In Progress" and "Done. Or "Minor", "Major" and "Critical".

Easy to use

A status can be simply added by typing { on a Confluence page. For adding the "In Progress" Status you just have to type {In Progress to insert the Status on a page.

Status Color is set automatically

All status sets come with a predefined color scheme. So you don't have to select the status color separately anymore.

More details

The Status Macro replaces Confluence built-in solution and simplifies adding different statuses to pages. It helps you to organize and classify the content of your pages and gives you the possibility to allow users to tag the content, add project status to project pages and even Jira Tickets.

The Status Macro Plugin for Confluence provides a variety of different status sets:

  • To Do, In Progress, Done
  • Minor, Major, Critical
  • Low, High, Medium
  • New, Ready, Review

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