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Structure your work into a tree hierarchy and easily track projects progress

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Organize Jira issues into multi-level structures

Organise your Jira into hierarchy views. Create directories in Jira and move your issues where needed. Group Jira issues under each other to organise and summarise your epics, issues and subtasks the way you need them.

Group Jira issues from multiple projects

Use Jira Query Language (JQL) to find the issues you would like to add to your Panorama. Drag & Drop issues and Jira sub-tasks to group your projects into a plan. Easily create Jira issues from within the Panorama view.

Better plan and monitor with Jira issue grouping

Grouping your Jira issues with progress bars allows for a better understanding of your progress. Group Jira tickets by multiple issue fields, such as their status, sprint, assignee, project, reporter and issue type.

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Project Managers use Panorama Hierarchy and Structure for Jira to organise & structure Jira issues and the work performed by their teams to easily track progress. This ensures a single source of truth for statuses of all of the projects they need to monitor in Jira.

Panorama allows you to organise your work into a multi-level plan and easily track projects' progress. You can create directories to keep your work in order and easily populate them with issues.

Panorama enables you to:

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Panorama hierarchy & structure for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Delete data from the host application
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Get information about the summed value of fields in the same hierarchy.