SQL-Powered Table Transformer

for Confluence Server 5.6.3 - 7.20.3 and more
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Transform, rotate, filter tbl, execute SQL. Convert result to CSV, JIRA tbl, JSON, list. Create tbl from JIRA tbl, CSV, JSON, URL

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Creates and Compares Tables from CSV/JSON Files

Creates tables from versions of an attached CSV/JSON file (or from a remote CSV/JSON). Allows analyzing differences between multiple tables and provide the results as a new table or tables (or other supported formats)

Converts Results into Table, CSV or JSON format

By default the results are presented as Table, however, if needed, any result can be converted to CSV or JSON format (which is controlled by the macro settings).

Input table can be data from "JIRA Issues/Filter" macro.

Enriches HTML Tables with Dynamic Analytics

Extend your tables with data analysis, highlighting, additional dynamically calculated data

More details

SQL-Powered Table Transformer - a tool to transform/convert/analyze Confluence tables using SQL.

Use full power of SQL

  • No need to have or setup a DB (macro seamlessly uses own temp in-memory DB)
  • Original tables are not changed in any way (all the results you get are generated dynamically)
  • No limit for the number of tables to be analyzed together
  • No limit for table size, number of columns, rows or cells content
  • Full power of SQL grammar as supported by H2 (see H2 SQL Grammar)
  • Full power of H2 DB Engine (see the list of H2 Built-in Functions)
  • Custom Java-based SQL functions

You can:

  • filter
  • transform
  • add/hide/rename columns
  • replace/translate cell patterns
  • do cell math
  • do table/cross-table analysis
  • split/merge
  • find tables intersections
  • sort
  • create tables from attached or remote CSV/JSON
  • output result as Table, CSV, JIRA table, JSON
  • link tables from remote DB
  • and more

See SQL Table Transformer Macro Home Page for User Guide, examples, howtos

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