Auto Numbered Headings

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 8.5.4, Confluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 8.5.4 and more
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Do You Want automated numbering of headings and page titles that too with full control over it

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Adding or removing numbers at fingertips

Auto Numbered Headings Configuration menu is easily accessible at top bar and any configuration change could be done in just few clicks. Tables, Images too can be auto numbered using provided Caption Macro

Change and apply configuration in just 3 clicks

Do not worry if some new pages have been added in-between pages or some more headings added on some page or level of heading numbers need to be changed, just choose options and update the space in just few clicks.

Use at page level, space level, online or offline

Plugin comes with a macro to use it at individual page level too apart from auto application at space level (with option to exclude some pages from numbering). It works great at wiki page or at exported html

More details

Auto Numbered Headings plugin provides full automation of numbering of heading and page title that too with full control over it. You can do following things using configuration section of plugin and macro provided within plugin.

  • Choose Number formatting (Decimal or Alphabetical) for numbering
  • Decide and apply the Level of numbering (number up to level 3 (1.2.1) or 4 ( or 5 ...)
  • Pages could also be chosen for numbering for adding numbering to page titles
  • Desired set of pages of space could be kept out of auto numbering of headings
  • Applying or removing the numbering in just one click
  • Option of using numbering manually on page by page basis (using macro provided along with plugin)
  • Tables, Images, Equations and Examples too can be numbered using Caption Macro provided along with plugin

Numbering will show up on Confluence pages once automatic numbering is applied. These numbers will also show up in exported htmls of spaces where automatic numbering is applied.

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