Commit Graph for Bitbucket - See all branches and tags

for Bitbucket Server 4.0.0 - 8.19.5, Bitbucket Data Center 4.0.0 - 8.19.5 and more
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Bit-Booster's amazing free Git commit graph! See all of your team's Git commits across all branches & tags in a single view

All Branches Graph

View commit activity across active branches. Compatible with all branching strategies (e.g., git flow, rebase, etc):

- Master pinned to far-left (along first-parent)

- Build-Status integration

- Filter by branch or tag

Condensed Git Graph

Includes a search box for JIRA tickets, user names, or general search strings.

- Results rendered in a condensed git graph based on "--simplify-by-decoration"

- Can handle JIRA tickets that span more than one git repo

Integrated Commit Graph

A commit-graph integrated right into Bitbucket's own native "commits" page. Helps your team see what's really going on!

- Correctly renders octopus merges and orphan branches

- Crosses-out reverted commits (very useful!)

More details

Provides an integrated commit graph on Bitbucket's regular "commits" screen, and a separate "All-Branches Graph" with searching and filtering functionality.

This app is known to work on large Data Center instances. The app does not cache, persist, or index any data.



Bitbucket's best kept secret! This graph has been around since 2016 as part of our paid PR-Booster add-on.

In July 2018 we moved the commit graph logic here, into its own free standalone add-on.

It's the best commit graph around!



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