User Anonymizer for Confluence (GDPR)

for Confluence Server 7.6.0 - 7.19.25 and more

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Easily comply with GDPR’s (DSGVO) “Right to be Forgotten” with this powerful user anonymization app

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Powerful User Anonymizer

Instantly finds and anonymizes all personal data of the targeted user(s) across spaces, pages, likes, comments, mentions, and more. Easily customize anonymization for one space or many.

Completely Traceless Operation

Silently anonymizes user data without updating page history or sending notifications to watchers.

Built-In Sandbox Mode

Sandbox Mode enables you to safely check your configuration before permanently anonymizing user data.

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The best solution for anonymizing user data across Confluence to meet GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

Your users leave a lot of footprints whenever they create, edit, comment on, like, or watch Confluence pages. Now you can quickly find all instances of the targeted user(s)—and instantly anonymize them to comply with GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

  • Instantly anonymizes user data across Confluence spaces, pages, blog posts, activity histories, and macros
  • Completely scrubs user data from author/modifier fields, likes, comments, mentions, watch lists and more
  • Traceless operation silently applies anonymization without updating page history or sending notifications to watchers
  • Sandbox Mode lets you safely preview changes before permanently anonymizing user data
  • Atlassian Verified Solution means that you can trust that this app will work seamlessly for all future Confluence updates

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Easily customize anonymization for one space or many.